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Institutional Cash Account (ICA)

Same Day Liquidity | Access to Highly Rated, Money Fund Eligible Banks | Competitive Rate

Institutional Cash Account (ICA) is a service that connects large institutional depositors with highly rated banks.

Large balance deposits at an individual bank are made simple with ICA. This self-directed deposit platform is designed for treasurers and commercial depositors to quickly and easily select and deposit large balances into money fund eligible banks that meet their criteria.

With ICA, you quickly gain access to multiple highly rated banks through a single, user-friendly portal. It's not just a service, it's a strategic approach, allowing you to deposit your funds exclusively with banks that align precisely with your investment policy requirements.


  • Multiple depository options
  • Select only those banks that meet your criteria


  • Secure Portal | Rate Dashboard
  • Same day access to deposits
  • Unlimited transactions / no fees

Oversight & Control

  • Add, replace or remove depository banks at any time
  • Direct ownership of deposits versus pooled investments

ICA is a vital tool where you will experience the ease of diversifying and managing deposits where convenience, control, and performance converge.