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StoneCastle enables businesses to build, extend and retain relationships with their customers

Offering your customers a deposit account supported by our network of 1,000+ banks is a powerful and profitable tool to enhance your customer relationships and increase your revenues. StoneCastle's Enterprise Deposit Tools enable you to easily offer federally insured deposit accounts to your customers as our expert team handles all the operations for you. Our Enterprise Deposit Tools can be used by a range of companies, including wealth managers, large real estate companies, and non-bank lenders (BDCs, REITs, private lenders, etc.).

Use case examples:

Wealth Manager

Wealth managers are winning held-away cash from JPMorgan and Bank of America by using StoneCastle to offer their clients a federally insured savings account with far better value. HNW individuals hold trillions of savings deposits at large banks where their deposits earn close to no interest. StoneCastle’s Enterprise Deposit Tools enable hundreds of RIAs to offer their HNW clients a better deposit solution (100% federal insurance and above average rates). Wealth managers are able to capture more of their clients’ wallet, differentiate their offerings, and accelerated their organic growth.  

Non-Bank Lender

Banks typically require their borrowers to leave compensating deposit balances. Now, non-bank lenders can require their borrowers to leave a compensating deposit balance and reap the benefits. You can get the added security of the compensating deposit and earn fee income. A win for both the lender and their borrower: savings deposits are 100% federally insured up to $100 million and earn an above average rate of interest.

In less than a week, our team can have your company up and running