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100% Federally Insured Deposits

Our federally insured cash account is a better solution for your bank deposits
StoneCastle strives to deliver the best combination of absolute safety, rate, liquidity and convenience on your cash.
Materially enhance the safety and rate on your uninsured deposit balances:

Absolute Safety

100% federal deposit insurance on balances up to $100 million


Exceptional rates on fully insured deposits

On-Demand Liquidity

Deposits always available on demand - withdraw your funds with just a few clicks

Simplicity & Convenience: You receive a single month-end statement that provides account balance, transaction history, interest earned, and your balance at every bank.

Largest banks offer safety at a steep cost to depositors.

Largest banks pay near-zero interest*

JPMorgan Chase:

0.02% APY

Bank of America:

0.05% APY

The failure of Silicon Valley Bank and other regional banks exposed the risks associated with uninsured deposit balances at banks. Many depositors seeking safety moved to the largest banks in the U.S. such as JPMorgan and Bank of America as many deem them to be "too-big-to-fail." However, the safety they offer comes at the expense of rate.
* Rates for selected banks reflect rates for savings accounts as advertised on their respective websites as of January 23, 2024. Rates may vary by location and do not account for special or promotional APYs.

StoneCastle specializes in arranging federal deposit insurance on large balances

The FDIC insures balances up to $250,000 per bank per tax ID. If you have a $1,000,000 and deposit $250,000 into 4 banks, the entire balance will be FDIC insured.

The above diagram is for illustration purposes.

For most companies, spreading large balances is logistically challenging and impractical (e.g., it's not realistic to open and manage accounts at 100 different banks to insure a $25 million balance).

StoneCastle's Specialized Platform

Coordinating millions of deposit transactions at 1,000 banks requires specialized infrastructure and expertise. StoneCastle has a team of 40+ specialized professionals that utilize proprietary purpose-built technology to administer your deposits in its bank network.
The concept of spreading your deposits is simple, but the execution is daunting for anyone that isn't specialized.