Depository institutions

Depository Institutions

Deposit Funding Solutions

StoneCastle enables over 1,000 banks of all sizes throughout the U.S. to obtain low-cost, stable deposits from thousands of trustworthy institutions

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Some banks think of SCCM as a depositor, we think of them as a branch without all the overhead."

Brett Decker, CFO - Central Bank Illinois*
Brett Decker, CFO - Central Bank Illinois

Gateway to High-Quality Deposits

Today, more than 1,000 banks use StoneCastle as a gateway to gain access to high-quality deposits from large corporations, endowments, universities and other institutions that are simply too large for most community banks to independently solicit.

Reliable, Low-Cost Deposits

1,000 banks use StoneCastle as a cheaper alternative to traditional branch deposits. The fully loaded cost of branch deposit funding is expensive, and our bank clients benefit from the cost-efficiency, flexibility and stability of our deposit funding.


Proven Partner

We have been a stable source of funding for hundreds of banks for more than a decade. Many of our partners think of us as their most efficient "branch".



Recognized Resource

We are honored that many banks and regulators have welcomed our innovative solutions and seek our opinion on the rapidly changing landscape of deposit funding.


Industry Advocate

We advocate for a healthy banking industry by helping community banks grow and compete with larger money center banks.

* The Central Bank of Illinois is a current client of SCCM. Mr. Decker is not affiliated with SCCM or any of its affiliates and was not compensated for this statement.