Depository Institutions

Depository Institutions


Deposit Funding for Banks (Insured)

StoneCastle's funding is designed to provide banks with stable, insured deposits. StoneCastle's deposits are a cost-efficient alternative to expensive branch deposits or other funding sources. We enable banks of all sizes to gain access to trillions of dollars of institutional deposits.

1. Easy to use

StoneCastle opens a single standard business money market or savings account.

2. Flexible

Your bank can request funds or return funds as needed - same day with no fees charged. Our team of professionals will tailor a deposit solution that fits your bank's needs.

3. Safe

StoneCastle’s funds come from thousands of diversified AML/BSA pre-screened high net worth, corporate, municipal and institutional depositors.

Other Funding Solutions

Institutional Cash Account (ICA®)

Institutional Cash Account (ICA®) provides banks access to large-dollar deposits from institutions located throughout the U.S. that have significant cash holdings. We have relationships with more than 1,700 Fortune 500 corporations, university endowments, foundations, and public funds that continually seek ways to diversify their treasury cash balances. Ideal for banks that are larger than $25 billion in total assets.

Balance Sheet Management

StoneCastle makes it easy for institutions to move excess deposits off balance sheet while retaining the customer relationships. By moving excess deposits off the balance sheet, your bank can reduce interest expense, increase fee income and reduce capital charges while your customers' deposits are always fully federally insured. When your funding needs change, you can pull the deposits back.
Balance Sheet Management Fact Sheet